Metta Cafe

About Us
Initiated by Metta Welfare Association, Metta Café was established in 2014 to provide F&B vocational training for Metta School graduates aged 18 and above, with mild intellectual disability and/or autism. Our mission is to provide an avenue for these youths to acquire vocational, work and life skills through our comprehensive training and development programmes and to create employment opportunities to help them achieve economic independence, self reliance and built confidence.
Metta School graduates with ITE Skill Certificate (ISC) who were ready for open employment will be recruited as Metta Café apprentices. These apprentices skills will be further hone in a commercial setting which entails the development of their specific skill sets through on the job training.

To train and create employment opportunities for youths with special needs.

To assist youths with mild intellectual disability and/or autism to achieve economic independence and self reliance.