The Metta Buddhist Culture Department was established along with the appointment of Venerable Shi Pu En as Metta’s Executive Director on 1 January 2009.

Since inception, we have developed a wide range of activities and community outreach options that seek to enhance our members’ spiritual and personal development.

Our objectives are:

  • To promulgate Buddhism and compassionate giving
  • To uphold benevolence and kindness through volunteerism and community outreach
  • To be self-sufficient in funding our religious, educational and social endeavours as well as to help defray the operational costs of Metta’s welfare centres

Buddhist Services

Conveniently scheduled during the weekends and accessibly housed within the Metta School, our dharma programmes cater for Buddhists from various age groups.

Mandarin Dharma Classes
Held on Saturdays and Sundays respectively, elementary and intermediate dharma classes for adults are taught by our resident sangha Venerable Shi Pu Kang and Venerable Sik Chuan Guan, Chairman of Dharma Propagation Committee from the Singapore Buddhist Federation.

Also available on Sundays are classes conducted by the former for children and teens aged between six and 14.

English Dharma Course
The course, which commenced on 10 April 2010, comprises 20 lessons that are held every fortnightly on Saturday evenings till 8 January 2011.

Helmed by Venerable Kanugolle Rathanasara from Sri Lankaramaya Buddhist Temple, basic Buddhist principles are elucidated through the exploration of insightful topics such as “Why should you follow training precepts?” and “You can change your destiny”.

Sutra-Chanting Ceremonies
Weekly ceremonies are conducted via two consecutive sessions every Sunday in the multi-purpose hall of Metta Building. In addition, religious rituals are held to commemorate Buddhist festivals and the birth anniversaries of various Bodhisattvas.

Compassionate Endeavours
Organised once every few months, the releasing of lives is a compassionate activity that stems from the Buddhist tenets of benevolence and protection for all forms of life.

To further our humanitarian cause, local and overseas voluntary missions are conducted to fulfil welfare goals and promote the spirit of giving.

To inject vibrance and interaction into our programmes, festival celebrations are held to foster bonds and rapport among our devotees, course members and volunteers, whereas excursions and outings are organised for young Buddhists as a recreational yet educational form of engagement.