President’s Message

executive director photoAs Metta Welfare Association progress into its 22nd year of providing social service, I am jubilant that we have achieved a milestone in momentum, given the challenges of yesteryears.

The past year has seen much improvement and change as we moved ahead in progress of our services. Amid the enhancements in Metta, we upgraded our rehabilitation facilities, vehicles and staff training to augment the recovery of our clients and in readiness of the silver tsunami hitting our shores. Coping with an aging population is both an individual and also collectively a societal concern as the need for geriatric care and long term care of chronic diseases in the elderly increases. We anticipate the wave of those entering their silver years as we prepare ourselves to be better equipped to provide care of the elderly and their growing needs.

Moving on to keep afloat of changing times, this year marks a timely review of our vision and mission, as well as the inclusion of core values that shapes us and clearly define the welfare services provided by Metta and the importance of our partnership with our stakeholders in achieving our mission. Adopting the five core values of Compassion, Integrity, Harmony, Respect and Continuous Improvement, it defines Metta as an organization as we continue to expand and upgrade our service quality to the community.

In our continuous efforts to improve the quality of our welfare services, we are in progression of our Singapore Quality Class (SQC) journey. Through this passage, we have identified and upgraded new existing processes as we commit to attain a quality and holistic improvement to our centres and programmes for the betterment of our clients and staff.

Adding on to Metta’s belief in cultivating the spirit of giving, I am heartened that our staff has taken efforts to contribute to our Metta School in Chiang Rai, Thailand, through their community involvement or with financial assistance. Metta School in Chiang Rai was incepted in May 2008 as a means to provide supplementary education to children from local ethnic groups so that they would have the opportunity to advance in higher education for entry into Taiwanese universities. Charity is a virtue that begins at home.

At Metta, we always believe in being dedicated to working closely with our clients, donors, partners, suppliers and community organizations for the provision of welfare services to meet the needs of the community at our centres.

I take this opportunity to offer my sincerest gratitude to each and every one of you who have made a difference in all possible ways. We are members of Metta and each of us is different in our own ways. Together with the continued unwavering support of our corporate and individual donors, volunteers, staff, and committee members, this is all possible as you have shared our passion and belief in our cause.









Venerable Shi Fa Zhao BBM