Executive Director’s Message

executive director photoAs Metta Welfare Association moves on to a new era since its inception two decades ago, the past year has seen significant changes as we advanced towards better improvements in our governance and management process.

We have embarked on the Singapore Quality Class (SQC) journey to improve on the quality of our welfare services. This move has helped us to take a leap forward as we further upgrade on our organisation model for managing business excellence.

Alongside technological advancements, tablets have been issued to the teachers in our two pre-schools to facilitate the customised leaning pathways for our pre-schoolers. Our hospice care team have also been issued with tablets to record, monitor and track the condition of our clients.

To further enhance the quality of life for our hospice clients, we have started an initiative “Make A Wish’ to fulfil their wishes. An inaugural Remembrance Day was held in September 2013 for the families and caregivers of our late clients to come together and share their experiences with their loved ones in journeying through the last phases of their lives.

As of May 2014, we have transferred the services of SE-CDC Metta Student Care Centre to Morning Star Community Service.

Metta constantly looks to upgrade and reinvent itself so as to adapt and meet the needs and changes in society.

We attain the prestigious Environmental & Biodiversity Excellence Award in NParks’ Community in Bloom Awards 2014. Our staff and clients have taken much effort and pride into bringing life to our Metta garden through their passion and diligence.

On a final note, I would like to thank all our donors, volunteers, management committee and committee members and staff with deepest sincerity for their unfailing allegiant support and devoted inspiration. May you receive bountiful blessings of peace and love.







慈光很荣幸获得Bloom Awards 2014 颁发的 NParks’ Community Environmental & Biodiversity Excellence Award。慈光职员和受惠人运用无比的热情和干劲,以努力不懈的精神,亲手成立慈光花园,引以为荣。



Venerable Shi Pu En