Executive Director’s Message

executive director photoThis past year has seen some significant changes affecting Metta. The increasing number of Metta School students graduating into our Metta Alumni pool means that more effort is required to track and assist them. We hope to get more funding so that we can recruit more staff to run programmes for these 150 alumni from Metta School.

Our Arts@Metta workshop has started accepting graduates with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) and the results have been encouraging. The growing number of corporate partners for the Arts@Metta CSR programme continues to be an important source of encouragement. We are deeply grateful for their continued support and look forward to more partnerships in the future.

Another significant change was the winding down of The Happy Arts café. This paves the way for the handing over of the training of suitable Metta School graduands to a relevant partner. Through this arrangement, our graduands will work towards WSQ certification in baking, food preparation and food service. We wish them all the best in this exciting new phase in their lives.

The haze in June 2013 had a significant impact on our operations. All our centres had to quickly introduce measures to minimise the adverse effects from the haze. Since then, we have strengthened our procedures to deal with the haze should it occur again. Our centres’ activities may be curtailed or even closed if the situation warrants it. We appeal to all our clients for their understanding and forbearance. I would also like to take this opportunity to thank our staff and volunteers for rallying during this time, and demonstrating true resourcefulness and resolve.

On this note, I want to make a special mention of our staff; the everyday heroes who are motivated by a mission larger than themselves. They are crucial to our organisation, and we value them. As such, we conducted a staff salary review to keep pace with current levels in the charity sector. We also introduced new staff welfare initiatives to retain and train our people.

Apart from upgrading our people, we also upgraded our facilities. The renovations at Metta Home and repainting of Metta Building have resulted in more pleasant surroundings for beneficiaries and staff.

Finally, I would like to extend my deepest thanks to all our donors, volunteers, staff and management committee and other committee members for their guidance, support and contributions. May you receive manifold blessings of peace and love.


本协会的 “慈光展艺” Arts@Metta工作坊已开始慈光学校的自闭症毕业生参与,成绩相当理想。让人鼓舞的是 “慈光展艺” 也得到多个企业合作伙伴的赞助与支持。我们对此深表感恩并期待更多合作机会。





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