About Us

What is “Metta”?
“Metta” in Pali means “loving kindness”.


Metta Welfare Association
The Metta Welfare Association (Metta) was founded in 1992 by Venerable Shi Fa Zhao, Abbot of the Golden Pagoda Buddhist Temple. He is also the President and Abbot of the Buddha Tooth Relic Temple and Museum.

Registered as a charity in 1994, Metta is presently endorsed by the Ministry of Social and Family Development, Ministry of Health and Ministry of Education. We are also members of the National Council of Social Service, Singapore Hospice Council and Singapore Disability Sports Council.


Compassionate love to share
Brightens hope to those we care









Lamp – Source of aid, love and happiness
Light – Hope for the less fortunate
Lotus – Compassion and beneficence
Blue – Strong will and persistence in fulfilling our mission
Red – Optimism, joy and prosperity


In accordance with The Great Compassionate Vows of The Buddha of Medicine, Metta aims to provide welfare services for the needy in our community, regardless of race or religion.

Core Values

It is defined as the basic elements of how we go about our work. It is what support our Vision and Mission. It helps shape our corporate culture & define Metta’s identity.

Our core values are as follows:

  • Compassion: Compassion towards our clients and treat them with kindness and dignity
  • Integrity: Act with Integrity by upholding professional conduct and behave ethically
  • Harmony: Be Harmony with others, treat them with equality and sensitivity, regardless of race or religion
  • Respect: Treat our clients, employees, donors, partners & other stakeholders with mutual respect and recognize the importance of diversity
  • Continuous Improvement: Strive for excellence in service and performance through continuous learning and improvement


Metta is dedicated to working closely with our clients, donors, partners, suppliers, government agencies and community organisations for the provision of welfare services to meet the needs of the community at our centres.


  • To provide accessible and affordable medical care to the less fortunate – home hospice care for the terminally ill and day rehabilitative services for elderly and stroke patients
  • To provide disability care, respite care, residential care and training for the intellectually disabled
  • To provide special education and training for children with mild intellectual disability and/or autism
  • To provide community care services for the elderly, students and children
  • To develop and provide such forms of medical care and welfare services as required by the community


Metta currently supports the following services:

  • Disability Care: Residential care, Day activity care, Respite care and training for the intellectually disabled.
  • Medical Care: Home hospice care for the terminally ill, Day rehabilitative services for elderly and stroke patients.
  • Children Care: Early intervention for children with learning difficulties.
  • Alumni Care: Vocational and arts training, employment assistance and support for graduates of Metta School.
  • Special Education: Special education and vocational training for children with mild intellectual disability and/or autism.
  • Others: welfare services as required by the community.


Our Centres
Playing a pivotal role in realising our mission are nine welfare centres that are located islandwide. Currently serving over 1000 beneficiaries from various races and religions, these centres are segregated into the following areas:

Disability Care

  • Metta Day Activity Centre for the Intellectually Disabled (a day care centre for the intellectually disabled)
  • Metta Home for the Disabled (a residential home for the disabled)
  • Metta Home Day Activity Centre (a day care centre for the disabled)

Medical Care

  • Metta Day Rehabilitation Centre for the Elderly (a day rehabilitation centre for elderly and stroke patients)
  • Metta Hospice Care (home hospice care for the terminally ill)

Children Care

  • Metta PreSchool @Simei and Punggol (preschools that offer early intervention programmes to young children aged three to six with special needs)

Special Education

  • Metta School (a special education school for children aged seven to 18 with mild intellectual disability and/or autism spectrum disorders)

Alumni Care

  • Arts@Metta
  • Metta Cafe