Be Our Partner

Be Our Partner – Corporate Social Responsibilities
Metta organises a wide range of events that draws target audiences into creating a society that cares.

We assist individuals and corporations like you in meeting philanthropic objectives through an open, consultative and engaging collaboration that serves your giving needs.

We also help businesses conceptualise, organise and execute social responsibility projects, while achieving positive branding through integrated marketing and advertising efforts.

Our sponsorship programmes are individually tailored to ensure that all outreach endeavours and funds are directed towards enhancing the intended recipients’ welfare and quality of life.

A rewarding and fulfilling journey awaits you when you support any of our worthwhile causes, so call us now! For more details on our sponsorship opportunities, please contact our Events & Publicity Manager Ms Pauline Cheong at 6580 4612 or


Metta organises a wide range of events attracting key target audience, creating genuine opportunities for organisations which lead to new sales and contracts.

Our success is based on our client-focused approach, in that we develop activities to meet your business objectives. We adopt a consultative approach that is designed to meet your communication needs completely.

Why You Should Sponsor?

  • To raise your company’s profile and corporate image in a specific market as the INDUSTRY LEADER
  • To MEET key contacts from the market leaders
  • To enjoy MAXIMUM publicity with our integrated advertising and promotion
  • To develop STRATEGIC alliances and joint ventures

As our sponsorship solutions are individually tailored, you can be sure that every dollar of your marketing money is directed to help you meet and influence the people who are going to ensure the growth of your business now and in the future.

With a clear understanding of your overall marketing strategy, we work in partnership with you to develop a bespoke marketing solution to meet your objectives. We will ensure that you enjoy all the benefits of associating with the right event, targeted at the right target audience with a promotional package that underpins your marketing strategy.

For many companies, their partnership with Metta has become an integral part of their marketing mix, delivering a hard-to-achieve blend of branding, positioning, association and face-to-face interaction with the people who matter. We handle all administrative, marketing and promotional needs, leaving you free to concentrate on your own plans for the event and to generate new business.

For more details on our sponsorship opportunities, please contact Ms Pauline Cheong at 6580 4612 or email to