Metta Charity Run 2019!

2019 marks the 10th anniversary of Metta Charity Run. Since its inception, the Run has grown from clocking 800 participants in 2010 to a mass of 1300 runners in 2018. And we don’t plan to stop there. This year, for our 10th anniversary, we want to do something different. We are renaming our event title to Metta Charity X Run 2019.

X symbolised the Greek numeral 10 and also marks our 10th year running. The two strokes of the X come together and intersect in the middle, alluding to the coming together of all our runners – past & present – each with their own individual experiences, backgrounds and stories woven together to fulfil a common goal. A goal to make an impact on the lives of our beneficiaries.

Metta Charity X Run 2019 will be a day where we unite and commemorate your efforts, your contribution and your support towards Metta for the past 10 years.


This is the day we celebrate YOU.





Funds raised will be used for the development and enrichment of Metta’s welfare services and training programmes for the underprivileged. Currently serving over 1,200 beneficiaries, the centres are segregated into the following areas.