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Metta serves over 1,200 beneficiaries across all ages. From the young to the elderly, the infirm to the terminally ill, we transcend racial and religious barriers to enhance their quality of life. A challenging task it is but our driving force comes from the satisfaction of seeing them receive proper care and lead fulfilling lives. We take pride in our ability to offer a comprehensive range of services that goes beyond the mere fulfilment of their requirements. Your contribution goes into funding the programmes and services of our beneficiaries.

Metta Home for the Disabled & Metta Home Day Activity Centre


For most folks in their mid-30s, life is mostly about settling into a good career and/or starting a young family. However, not everyone is able to attain this milestone in life.

34 year old Zheng Yu Kai is just blessed to be able to communicate in a smattering of English and hold a colour pencil to sketch colourful simple art pieces. Born with cerebral palsy and intellectual disability, Yu Kai has been a client of Metta Home Day Activity Centre (MHDAC) for 15 years. The middle of 3 children, Yu Kai’s mother is a housewife and caregiver to the young man who attends Metta Home’s day care service from Monday to Friday.

In a one to one setting, Metta’s training officers would constantly engage with Yu Kai to train his social and interaction skills with simple tasks such as learning to call the training officers and fellow clients by their names. Yu Kai also loves music as he would get into a little dance by himself whenever music is being played. This a far cry from his usual self when Yu Kai first came to Metta Home Day Activity Centre. An extremely non-social and quiet youth, Yu Kai would not talk to anyone nor engage in any social activities. Life hasn’t been easy for Yu Kai as he struggles with basic motor and social skills.

“When Yu Kai first joined us, he didn’t know simple tasks such as holding a pencil or even interacting with anyone around him. “
DAC Training Supervisor, John Tan

With the help of Metta’s training officers and years of patient coaching, Yu Kai has gradually opened up and progressed beyond his extremely introverted self. The cheerful young man is now capable of sketching simple rainbow hued art pieces and engage in basic community games and activities, such as passing of the ball. With much progress, John and his team of dedicated staff hopes that one day, Yu Kai’s art pieces would be displayed in an arts exhibition.


Metta Alumni


Our young artists of Metta Alumni

 *Zaki is a youth with special needs. He used to attend Metta Preschool’s early intervention programme which helped him in his motor skills and speech therapy. He moved on to Metta School, which provided him with special education, learning basic literacy and numeracy skills.
At 18 years old, graduating from Metta School, Zaki was unable to work due to his renal failure and bilateral hearing loss in addition to his intellectual disability. Taken under the wings of Arts@Metta, an Alumni care programme, Zaki has trained and improved his skills in batik painting and pottery making. Due to the severity of his medical condition, he remains at home but is still able to contribute by painting simple batik art which is crafted into products and sold. He is supported by a social worker and arts instructor. Help us help *Zaki to remain independent, who finds joy in his craft, by being a donor today!


*Name withheld to protect the privacy of our beneficiary.

Metta Day Rehabilitation Centre for the Elderly


Mr Lim at the Metta Charity Run 2015 in support of our runners.

The old adage, blood is thicker than water, holds true for most of us, especially in the case of Mr Lim Sim Lin, a client of Metta Day Rehabilitation Centre for the Elderly. Ever since the 53-year old was struck with a partial right stroke in late 2013, his family have been his pillar of support to his daily needs.

Things was never that glum for Mr Lim who runs a ladies apparel store with his wife in Ang Mo Kio. They were a typical happy Singaporean family who loves holidaying in Thailand and Hong Kong; going to the beach frequently and shopping together. But all this changed when Mr Lim was struck with a sudden stroke in the midst of a family dinner. He was rushed to Changi General Hospital and diagnosed with stroke. Mr Lim spent 3 months in St Andrew’s Community Hospital before he was referred to Metta Day Rehabilitation Centre for The Elderly for rehabilitative physiotherapy.


There, Mr Lim receives strengthening exercises like skater board and hand cycle with the guidance of Metta’s physiotherapists and therapy aides. Gait training, stairs and step climbing are administered to improve his balance and strengthen his lower limbs.
In a matter of 14 months, Mr Lim made tremendous improvements with his mobility and is now less dependent on his family. It is their endearing support that made Mr Lim determined to regain at least at least 70% of his mobility. Looking forward, Mr Lim hopes to re-join his wife in their family business and proudly attend his son’s O Levels graduation without a walking stick.


How Your Donation Makes a Difference

$10 will help to provide a pack of adult diapers for 1 Metta Home for the Disabled resident for 1 week.

$50 will help to provide 2 teabreaks to 70 of our elderly clients from Metta Day Rehabilitation Centre for the Elderly for 1 day.

$100 will help to provide the basic groceries to 4 Metta School students from low income families for 1 month.

$200 will help to provide emotional support to 25 caregivers from Metta Hospice Care for one session.


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