• Why is The Green Charity Carnival suspended?
    MOH has announced that all events and mass gatherings must be deferred or cancelled. You can refer to https://www.moh.gov.sg/news-highlights/details/tighter-measures-to-minimise-further-spread-of-covid-19
  • I have bought the carnival coupons. How can I utilise them?
    The coupons will be valid at The Green Charity Carnival in 2021.
  • Can I choose to donate my coupons instead?
    Yes. Should you wish to donate your coupons, you may contact us at events@metta.org.sg to make the arrangement or visit us from Mon-Fri (9am – 12pm, 2pm – 5.30pm) at Metta Building, Level 3.
  • I have registered for the Charity Walk. What do I need to do?
    No action will be needed as your walk registration will automatically be transferred to our Virtual Walk.
  • How do I participate for the Virtual Walk?
    Thank you for your kind support. Registration has ended.
  • When can I collect the Virtual Walk T-shirt & Goodie Bag?
    We will contact you with details of the collection.
  • Will there be The Green Charity Carnival in 2021?
    Yes. The Green Charity Carnival will be held in 2021. It is our annual flagship fundraising event since 1997. Metta Welfare Association will also be monitoring the situation closely and necessary adjustments will be made should the need arise.
  • Where can I get the latest information on The Green Charity Carnival?
    All updates will be shared through our website https://www.metta.org.sg/mettacarnival/ or our Facebook page.
  • How can I contact Metta Welfare Association?
    You can contact us through events@metta.org.sg or call us at 65804688.

  • 为什么慈光福利协会决定暂停2020年慈光嘉年华会?
    依据卫生部的新防疫措施,所有大型活动和聚会必须暂停或取消。您可以通过 https://www.zaobao.com.sg/realtime/singapore/story20200324-1039790 获知更多详情。
  • 如果我已经买了义卖固本,我还可以使用它吗?
  • 我可以把我手上的固本捐出来吗?
    您可以选择把固本捐给我们的低收入受益人士。如果您选择把固本捐出来,您可以通过电邮events@metta.org.sg 或亲临慈光聚缘阁3楼(星期一至五,早上9点至中午12点,下午2点至傍晚5点半)。
  • 我已经报名慈善义走,我需要做些什么吗?
    如果您已报名慈善义走,您的名额将自动换成线上义走(Virtual Walk)。
  • 我要如何参加线上义走(Virtual Walk)?
  • 我几时能领取线上义走的礼包和汗衫?
  • 慈光嘉年华会将会在2021年举行吗?
  • 我可以从哪里获知最新的消息?
  • 我要如何联络慈光福利协会?
    您可以通过电邮 events@metta.org.sg 或致电65804688。