Carnival NOM NOM NOM
Food, food and MORE FOOD!!! Foodie lovers will enjoy our street-style food fiesta bazaar at the premises of Metta Building and Metta School.

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Carnival Kiddy Fun
Want to be a pirate for a day? Or play pretend to be a Bunny or a Clown? Come down our Face Painting booth at Level 2 for a session of fun face painting by our artist!

Which kid can resist giant bouncy inflatables? Courtesy of sponsor ERM Singapore, these thrilling inflatables will never fail to bring brighter smiles to your little tots!

All giant inflatables are at least 12 to 18 feet in length

Carnival Game Stalls
Young kids and adults can have a turn at the exciting carnival game stalls manned by our dedicated volunteers. Win a prize when you hit the target!

Tic Tac Toe
Player will be given 4 balls to throw in the Tic Tac Toe box. Objective of the game is get any 3 balls in a diagonal line. Player wins when he/she manage to form a diagonal line.
NBA Basket Ball
Player will be given 3 miniature basketballs. Objective is to throw balls into a basketball hoop. Player wins when any 2 balls enters hoop.
Hunt the Monster
Player will be given a toy gun with bullets. Objectives is to aim shoot at least 3 nos. of Monster.
Colour Match
Player will be given 5 no.s of game token. Objective is to throw the token and land it onto the black portion. Not only that, the participants need to match 2 same colour ring too.

Games sponsored by ERM Singapore