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Metta PreSchool @ Punggol

Metta PreSchool @Punggol (慈光幼儿园) has been in operation since its official opening on 31 July 2010. The centre receives cases from SG Enable through referrals from hospitals. Enrolment will take place after the initial screening process is complete. Our centre specializes in early intervention programme for children under two to six years old from various races and religions who are diagnosed with mild to severe autism spectrum disorders (ASD) and/or intellectual disabilities. Early intervention can help maximize the potential development of the infants and children.

The children attend a 3-hour session programme twice a week. The multi-disciplinary team consists of teachers, occupational therapists and speech and language therapists. They come together to discuss and set specific and measurable 1-year goals for the Individualised Education Plan (IEP) of each child. The IEP focuses on 6 domains: fine motor, gross motor, adaptive, cognitive, social communication and social skills.

Programmes and Services

The centre provides a variety of exploratory activities, such as sand play, water play, indoor & outdoor activities, circle time, outings, arts & crafts, reading, big group activities, role play, and cookery based on the themes of each month to enhance the children’s learning experience. The centre also provides an hour of hand bell session for the children every week. The hand bell session trains the children to focus their attention by following instructions and executing actions, such as tapping the bell. These lessons help to improve the child’s communication skills, and memory in recalling songs that they have learned. Most importantly, the children love to sing and play alongside their peers during the hand bell lessons.

Metta Preschool teachers communicate regularly with the children’s parents through various modes, such as harnessing digital technology from mobile apps, text messaging and social media, to informal meetings, written notes on communication books and a half-yearly Parent-Teacher Conference (PTC). The teachers also conduct home and mainstream preschool visits to observe the child and share ideas on how to improve the child’s learning both at home and in school. This helps the child progress with the continuous support and resources from the preschool.

Supported by the Ministry of Social and Family Development (MSF), National Council of Social Service (NCSS) and Metta, we provide customised intervention programmes for these children in order to address their developmental lags, promote a satisfactory level of independence and realise their potential.

Early diagnoses of their disabilities coupled with appropriate intervention programmes can help them cope with the disabilities, prevent the conditions from deteriorating and maximise their development and capabilities.


Regardless of their level of ability, we strive to assist the children in developing their fullest potential through an enriching curriculum that is beneficial and developmentally appropriate.

Designed with their holistic development in mind, our curriculum encompasses the following programmes that equip them with the skills and abilities necessary for further education:

Preschool academic skills comprising Language & Literacy, Numeracy, Arts & Crafts and Discovery & Exploration

  • Physical Development (motor skills)
  • Personal Development (self-help skills)
  • Social and Emotional Development
  • Computer-Based Learning Programmes

Individualised education plans (IEPs) are drawn up for the children by our teachers in consultation with parents/guardians and our paramedical team to identify their unique learning styles, from which customised programmes are devised to suit their abilities and needs.

To ensure that their learning needs and goals are met, these IEPs are reviewed regularly to assess the outcomes.

Support Services

Tending to the children’s physiological and emotional development is a multi-disciplinary team comprising a psychologist, an occupational therapist and a speech therapist, together with a social worker who offers social support services and assistance.

Each child’s developmental progress will be monitored and assessed by them.


As we are an approved institution under the Children Development Co-Savings (Baby Bonus) Scheme, eligible parents can use the savings available in their kids’ Children Development Account to pay for the school fees.

To ensure that needy children can benefit from our services, subsidies are given to low-income families base on their monthly per capita income.

We also work closely with the MSF and NCSS to assist needy families through specific funding schemes.

On the other hand, the Education Endowment Fund created by our headquarters provides further financial aid for disadvantaged pupils in the form of bursaries and book prizes.

Admission and Fees

Admission is open to preschoolers of any racial or religious background who are:

  • A Singapore Citizen or Permanent Resident
  • From 2 years – 6 years
  • Mild-to-severe Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), Global Developmental Delay (GDD) and Speech and Language Delay (SLD)
  • Referred by SG Enable

A one-time registration fee applies. School fee, miscellaneous fee and cost of materials are charged monthly.

School fees are charged according to each family’s per capita monthly income. Assistance to students from needy families are considered on a case-to-case basis. Fees paid are non-refundable and non-transferable.

How You Can Help

We are seeking volunteers for:

  • Resource support in preparing materials for therapy and teaching
  • Equipment support in ensuring the cleanliness of the therapy equipment

We are seeking donations-in-kind for:

  • Teaching and training materials suitable for early intervention programmes
  • Educational games and videos
  • Arts and crafts supplies
  • Therapy resources such as assessment kits for psychological, speech and occupational therapy
To make an online donation to
Metta Preschool@Punggol
For more details, please
contact us at 6483 9585 / 6483 6186
Key Facts & Figures
Commenced in June 2010
140 students.

– as at Financial Year 2022/23

Where we are located

Blk 194 Punggol Road #01-01 Singapore (820194)
Service Hours: Mon to Fri – 9 am to 12 noon (morning session); 1.15 pm to 4.15 pm (afternoon session)
Telephone: 6483 9585 | Fax: 6483 9586