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Empower A Child with Autism for a Brighter Future

One in 150 children here has autism, a higher rate than the World Health Organisation’s global figure of one in 160 children.

What is Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)
ASD is present from birth although the features tend to become more obvious as the child gets older, often between 2 and 3 years of age. The children’s conditions include autism, speech and language delays, behavioural problems and global development delay.

A Growing Problem
This comes as more pre-schoolers here get diagnosed with developmental issues. The worldwide prevalence of ASD is estimated to be about 1%. The local prevalence rates are not known exactly but there are at least 400 new cases diagnosed annually in Singapore.

What Can Be Done
Early detection and redressal of autism and related disorders are of high importance as children get shaped up at this very young age. The learning curve for preschoolers with autism is different from their peers. These children need special attention & support to address their social, physical, intellectual development and curriculum education.


Our solutions

You Can Help Us To Help Them

At Metta Preschool @Punggol, we take holistic care of these children and work with their families to address their special needs with the objective of bringing them to the mainstream & leading a normal healthy life. This fundraising campaign aims to raise sufficient resources to fund the individualised early intervention programmes and services to these children.

Help us to empower a child with special needs for a brighter future