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As part of our ongoing commitment to living sustainably and caring for our planet, we are proud to present the 2024 edition of our eco-conscious marketplace, themed “A Green Gastronomic for a Better Tomorrow.”, and this year, it’s bigger and better than ever!

We cordially invite eco-friendly brands and sponsors who share our passion for a greener, more sustainable future to join us. Your participation as a stall holder or sponsor will be a pivotal part of our mission to create a lasting impact on our beneficiaries and the world at large.

No contribution is too small, and every effort counts towards making a positive difference in the lives of those we aim to help. Whether you’re an individual or a corporation, your sponsorship is greatly appreciated, and we wholeheartedly welcome your support in our mission to make the world a better, more sustainable place.

Please fill out the form below to express your interest in participating as a stall holder or sponsor. Your involvement will not only benefit the community but also contribute to a brighter, eco-conscious future for all. Thank you for being a part of this exciting journey with us!

Let’s embrace the ‘A Green Gastronomic for a Better Tomorrow’ movement together, at Metta’s Charity Carnival 2024!
Date:  17 March 2024 | Sunday | 9am – 4pm
Venue: Maitri School | 95 Jalan Eunos Singapore 419529

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Paynow to donate for Metta Charity Carnival Walk 2024.


If you need a tax exemption receipt, simply screenshot your Paynow receipt with your full name and NRIC number and email to