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Newsletter: November 2011

Ingredients: Broccoli, beancurd soaked in brine, red chilli, ginger slices, mushroom flavour enhancer.


  1. Wash and slice the broccoli, cut the beancurd and chilli, set aside.
  2. Heat and oil the wok, sauté the beancurd pieces until slightly yellow, set aside. Scald the broccoli in boiling water for a few seconds, and then sieve it out with a colander to drain the water, set aside.
  3. Using the remaining oil, stir fry the ginger slices until fragrant, and then lightly stir fry the red chilli. Subsequently, toss in the broccoli and beancurd, and season them with small amounts of salt, pepper and mushroom flavour enhancer. Lastly, thicken the sauce with some cornstarch while stir frying. The dish is now ready to be served.

原料: 西蘭花、豆腐(用鹽水豆腐,不用嫩豆腐)


  • 西蘭花洗淨切成小朵; 豆腐切塊;  紅椒切段。
  • 起鍋熱油,豆腐用小火煎 略黃,盛出備用; 西蘭花用滾水焯片刻,撈出,控乾水備用。
  • 用鍋中剩下的一點油爆香薑片,將紅椒翻炒,再依次倒入西蘭花、豆腐,輕輕翻炒幾下,用鹽、胡椒粉、蘑菇精調味,最後勾簿欠即可。

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