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Mdm Hai Lim Loi (centre), with our clients at IDAC

It has been more than 25 years since Mdm Hai Lim Loi first embarked on her volunteering journey with Metta Day Activity Centre for the Intellectually Disabled (IDAC) in 1994. Now at 78, Mdm Hai still volunteers by helping with general cleaning and keeping the centre clean and safe for our clients. She also enjoys preparing meals for our clients but has stopped due to her falling eyesight and old age.    

Mdm Hai stumbled upon this volunteering opportunity through her friend whom she met at her regular prayer sessions. As a devoted Buddhist, she practices the virtues of kindness by ingraining them in her everyday life. “It’s easy to find joy whenever I volunteer as simple things can bring smiles to these individuals,” said Mdm Hai. This could be serving meals to our clients and cleaning up the kitchen and dining area after mealtimes.

Mdm Hai’s passion for volunteering doesn’t end at IDAC. She also supported our annual charity carnival by selling vegetarian rojak, where she prides herself on making the sauce from scratch with her secret recipe.   

Mdm Hai really enjoys being a volunteer, where she can be of value to the community in need. “It is humbling to have such a meaningful experience when I know that I am doing work that impacts others,” she said. A firm believer in giving back to the community, Mdm Hai will continue to volunteer as long as she can.