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Many people have heard of the various benefits they can reap from lemons, such as its high vitamin C content, therapeutic use to prevent inflammation, and of course, lemonade is also a fantastic thirst quencher on a hot day. What’s not to like about lemons?

Oh, here’s an idea. How about maximising the benefits from this fruity squeeze by using it on your face too? This fruit is packed with enzymes that help rid of dead skin cells. Hence incorporating some lemon juice into your skin care regime as an astringent gives you an instant refreshed glow after a long day. With its natural fragrance lingering on your face, you will feel recharged immediately.

Honey and Sugar Granules

Do you sometimes feel older than you actually are but can’t quite figure out why? You are 25, you wear trendy clothes, and you have newly dyed hair…so what is it? Perhaps you are suffering from a curious case of chronic dull complexion. If that’s the case, the solution is simple – exfoliate. Face and body scrubs are too expensive, and they last for like, three uses? We understand your pain.

Here’s an economic way; go au naturale and exploit the use of honey and sugar granules. What many people don’t know is that sugar granules are excellent exfoliators, and just to soften the touch a little, mix it with honey. This concoction will work just as well as any expensive branded scrubs you can find in the market. Better yet, it doesn’t come with all the chemicals that come with manmade scrubs. This is definitely a must-try.


It is pretty common for people to put cucumber slices over their eyes as a step of their beauty regimes. This is because cucumbers are great for its properties to reduce swelling and puffiness. Additionally, this vegetable is also excellent for hydrating the skin.

So why stop at the eyes? The next time you want to cut up cucumbers to give your peepers a treat, slice more to treat the rest of your face too! This is such an inexpensive alternative to cloth face masks, you can probably do it on a daily basis if you can afford the time. Besides, well, how cumbersome can it be?


Heard of SKII? See where this is going? Yes, the rice grain is an amazing natural source of beauty product discovered in Asia. Before SKII existed, the womenfolk of the past had their ways to solve skin problems and maintain good complexions. Although they may have limited access to beauty products comparing to the present, their desire to be beautiful is certainly not any less. Because of this, rice grain is discovered to be an elixir to long-lasting youthful skin, as well as, a solution to various skin diseases relating to old age and infections when utilised frequently.

What you can do is to collect the water you soak the rice with like your life depended on it. If you have a big family to cook for, all the better; you could even bath in the rice water if you can get hold of that much of it. However, do note that the rice water has to be used on the same day you collect it.

Green Bean

Yes, you heard right, green bean is your trusty beauty care companion. Green bean may not be the best tasting vegetable and to some, it may be their worst nemesis. But hey, we are telling you now you don’t have to eat it to benefit from its beauty properties. You can do that by merely putting it over your face. Rich in plenty of antioxidants to protect your skin from damage by free radicals, we promise you will look foodie fresh after a relaxing home-made green bean face mask.

All you need to do is to boil green beans to soften them, and blend them into a mushy pulp to spread over your face. It may require some work but this promises softer skin and it beats paying astronomical prices that facial salons charge. If you can pay an arm and a leg to go for facials, you can definitely give green bean a shot.

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