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Metta Home for the Disabled has introduced a new art therapy that aims to provide relaxation and calm agitated behaviour in our adult clients with special needs. The Sheltered Arts Workshop is an indoor craft session that involves paper quilling among other art activities. Held in an environment that is familiar to the clients, the workshop is conducted by staff who are trained to work with people with special needs. The objective of this new art therapy provides an opportunity for our clients to have a sense of achievement while enhancing their skills.

Adopting simple step-by-step instructions by Metta’s workshop supervisor, Lalitha, clients are taught to coil and shape narrow strips of paper to create designs such as hearts and flowers for their quilling project. This activity requires focus, attention to fine details and helps in improving the fine motor skills of the client with each degree catering to the individuals’ level of competence.

The fun workshop is a hit among our clients as they look forward to each session conducted on a daily basis. Under close supervision, several clients have shown improvements as they independently complete the paper quilling to produce a final artwork.