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Let’s welcome our new colleague who joined us in 2022!

Lee Deborah Ti-Ein joined Metta Welfare Association in February 2022 as a Teacher at Metta PreSchool @Punggol.

Why did you decide to join Metta?

I decided to join Metta for a couple of reasons. Firstly, Metta was willing to give me an opportunity despite my not having any prior experience in this area. Secondly, they were patient, understanding and accommodating throughout the entire hiring process.

How did you discover a career in the social service sector?

I had wanted to work with children with special needs for quite some time. It took me a while to figure out what capacity I wanted to work with them in. After that, I did my research and found myself with a career in the social service sector.

What keeps you going as a Teacher?

I love watching how the children change as they develop, like how they become more confident and how they delight in the success of their hard work. This in turn fuels my desire to continue learning so that I can better help the children that I am working with.

Can you share one thing you enjoy most in your current job?

I enjoy interacting with the children most. They always keep things interesting and can sometimes teach me a thing or two about myself.

Cecilia Jeyaram joined Metta Welfare Association in January 2022 as a Therapy Aide (Behaviour) at Metta Home for the Disabled.

Why did you join Metta?

After graduating from HMI, I was extremely specific in job hunting for a career in the special needs or special education industry. It was a bonus when Agnes approached me and talked to me about Metta Home. I looked up the website and thought it was a fantastic opportunity to apply to!

How did you discover a career in the social service sector?

I have always had an interest in this industry. I had previously worked in MINDS as a Teacher’s Aide in the early 90’s and even after I left, I was consistently involved in volunteer work with various charity groups and organizations. I sometimes also got involved with fund raising aspect for the organization when there was an urgent need.

What keeps you going as a therapy aide?

The various challenges and seeing the improvements made along the way. In terms of modifying a behavior, it is not always very straightforward.

It does and can certainly take time for the positive changes to be seen, but when the changes do occur, it is extremely rewarding. It also helps to know that others also benefit from these positive changes, especially the nurses. As it does make their jobs easier if they have one less client to worry over.

Can you share one thing you enjoy in your current job?

The clients. A few of them are usually enthusiastic and look forward to the daily activities when I engage them. I always find it amusing when they ask me what or when I will be popping by for an activity. It is very encouraging for me to know that they enjoy their activities very much. So, I am always looking forward to various ideas to make the sessions a little more interesting or challenging for them.

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