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Newsletter: Vol. 25 Issue 1 (January – February 2021)

2020 has been a considerable challenge to many as we move ahead into the new year with renewed hopes. Through adversities in the past year, we had opportunities to gather and explore the lessons that test our tenacity. As we steer through the current pandemic, the trivialities we have previously taken for granted had shifted, and we learn to refocus our vision ahead. We must adapt to these new norms as per all past challenges we had overcome and thrive.

Although we have grown somewhat accustomed to restrictions such as social distancing, Metta Welfare Association have been diligent in maintaining the good personal relations with our stakeholders which motivates us to continue our work in the community to the best we can.

Aside from that, Metta will also see improvements and achievements to its operations, including the commencement of Maitri School in 2024. This school serves in alignment with MWA’s mission of meeting the community’s needs through the provision for more opportunities for children with special needs to seek a fulfilling and independent living.

2021 will also foresee a challenging time ahead for the economy while maintaining our focus and measuring ourselves on providing a consistent level of business practices and preserving a quality service level to the community. Without your unwavering support, we could not have come so far together to weather through arduous adversities. As we begin 2021 with much optimism, I wish everyone a year of new endeavours and my sincerest gratitude to all who have made a difference to Metta in all possible ways.

Triple Gems Blessings

Venerable Chao Khun Fa Zhao BBM
President of Metta Welfare Association







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