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Newsletter: Vol. 25 Issue 2 (March – April 2021)

If there is one thing that COVID-19 has revealed to all of us, it is that it does not discriminate against age, gender, nationality, race and religion. We had lived through the trying times of 2020. Fears and uncertainties heightened as a new virus seemingly appeared out of nowhere with high transmission and evolving ability, infecting human globally. A year on, more has been known about this virus as pharmaceutical companies rush to churn out billions of vials of the vaccines to treat as many people worldwide as possible. In Singapore, we are glad to have our elderly population vaccinated from as early as January this year. Metta Welfare Association’s medical team has also rolled out the exercise to have the vulnerable group, our elderly beneficiaries, vaccinated at our Metta Day Rehabilitation for the Elderly.

Our centres have adopted virtual programmes for our beneficiaries to continue their training in a safe and conducive environment. At Metta, we believe in keeping up with the times to harness the best that technology can offer us, enabling us to continue our daily operations to serve our beneficiaries and the community without any interruptions.

Time and tide wait for no man. The world may be ever-changing, but it is up to us to constantly evolve to keep up with the times. Each of us plays a part in keeping the community safe through responsible behaviours. I take this opportunity to implore everyone to keep our hearts open as we remain vigilant together to get through this challenging period. There is no better way to dignify one’s integrity through perseverance, sacrifices, and determination despite the adversities to come.

With Triple Gems Blessings

Venerable Chao Khun Fa Zhao BBM
Metta Welfare Association


2019新冠肺炎已向我们人类明示了一件事;那就是它不分男女老少,也不分国籍、种族和宗教。 由于一种似乎从无变有的新病毒,以高气溶胶传播的方式扩散在人类之间,加剧了大家的恐惧与不确定性,我们许多人经历了一个艰难的2020年。一年已过,人们对这种病毒有了更多的了解,如今制药公司马不停蹄地生产出数十亿瓶疫苗来治疗全世界尽可能多的人。在新加坡,我们非常感恩能够让我们的老年人口从今年1月开始已接种疫苗。慈光福利协会的医疗小组亦已展开这项活动,让弱势社群及我们的年长受益人,在我们的慈光乐龄日间康复中心内接种疫苗。

我们的中心也采用了虚拟方案,让我们的受益者在安全和有利的环境中继续接受培训。 在慈光,我们相信必须与时俱进,充分利用科技,才能让我们继续日常营运,无间断地为我们的受益者与社区服务。

岁不我与。世界可能不断日新月异,但要跟上时代进化,就得由我们来决定。我们每个人有责任,通过负责任的行为,维护社区的安全。我借此机会恳请大家敞开心扉,保持警惕,共同度过这个充满挑战的时期。 尽管有逆境,但没有任何更好的方法可以通过毅力、牺牲和决心来尊严一个人的诚信。


昭坤法照 BBM

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