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Newsletter: Vol 25 Issue 2 (March – April 2021)

Metta Medical Care held its first COVID-19 vaccination exercise for its clients in its part to support immunity for the community. Held on 23 March 2021 at Metta Day Rehabilitation Centre for the Elderly, over 60 elderly clients took their first COVID-19 vaccination. The morning atmosphere was a mix of calmness and anxiousness among the elderly as some were apprehensive over the injection, while others took it casually with no expectations. Many of the clients had their caregivers and/or family members accompany them for the vaccination exercise. Keeping in line with safe management measures, the clients are segregated into six separate slots throughout the day with 12 to 13 elderlies in each batch. Staff Nurse of MDRC, Fareha Faeizah Binte Mohamed Yusoff, busily tended to the clients to ensure that they are feeling well before and after the vaccination, as well as check that the elderly have taken a light breakfast before they arrived. This is to ensure that there would be no risks of light-headedness after the process is over.

Metta Welfare Association would also like to thank the staff of Health Promotion Board who assisted us with the registration and vaccination process.

Post-stroke patient and client of Metta Day Rehabilitation Centre for the Elderly, Chan Pueh Teoh is among the elderlies who came by for the exercise. He says, “It is the duty to our health and the nation that we keep ourselves vaccinated.”
Agreeing with him is Mdm Ling Xia Lan who feels that prevention is always better than cure for herself and her family members. Despite looking visibly sceptical before the injection, Mdm Ling shared that the whole experience isn’t as ‘scary’ as she expected it to be.
Despite her frail condition, Mdm Fernandez is another client who was eager to have her vaccination against COVID-19. Together with her grandson who accompanied the elderly lady to the premises, Mdm Fernandez was all brave and showed no signs of anxiety.
For some others, caring family members volunteered for the vaccination on behalf of their elderly parent. Says Mr Ong, the son of MDRC client 84-year-old Mdm Poh Chor Hway, “Venerable Chao Khun Fa Zhao BBM is indeed a benevolent person. Metta arranged to have the vaccination done at their premises because it is very convenient for me to bring my mother down for her jab as she is wheelchair-bound.”
91-year-old Mdm Heng Kim Jong was accompanied by her daughter, Ms Anna Ching, whose family was initially apprehensive on having the vaccination as the elderly lady hardly leaves her home due to her limited mobility from a previous fractured hip and recovery from ischemic stroke. Upon discussion with other family members, they finally agree to have Mdm Heng have the vaccination.
Mdm Chia Siew Eng’s family was full of support when the government announced the vaccination of all elderly Singaporean citizens and permanent residents. Frankie Lim did not hesitate to register his 95-year-old mother to ensure that she stays safe in these uncertain times. Apart from it, the close proximity of MDRC from Mdm Chia’s house made the commute a breeze as that would mean she would not have to take the bus to the polyclinic or nearest community centre.