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It was nearly 12 midnight. We just had an fruitful day of meetings and discussions. Metta School was having its staff retreat at Malacca, Equatorial Hotel from 15th – 17th March 2010.

Back in our hotel room, I was having a chat with the Vice Principal, and I mentioned that the school still does not have a song. Why not write one? Impulsively, I picked up the guitar, played a couple of chords and blurted out some words, ”In Metta School, where school is cool….”.  Mr Anuwar immediately jumped off his feet, and mentioned, “Metta means loving, kindness…”.  After a brief exchange of words and ideas, we finally had a skeletal draft of the SCHOOL SONG. Mr Anuwar quickly took out his Iphone, to record the words together with the melody, just in case we’re not able to remember it the next morning.

The next day, we gathered a number of teachers back in our room, to practice the school song. We did an impromptu performance later that afternoon in front of everyone, and the song was pleasantly received.

One thing lead to another; back in school, we decided to record the School Song in a professional recording studio….

And that is how the story goes.

sing along with us…Metta School school song

~ article extracted from Metta School blog

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