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Newsletter: November 2021

Mr Low Boon Lian, 70, is a stroke survivor. While he has mostly recovered, the stroke had affected his lower body, causing him to become wheelchair-bound. Mr Low now needs assistance with daily living activities like toileting and showering.

Being wheelchair reliant has resulted in many challenges and inconveniences for Mr Low, who had to visit the polyclinic regularly for his chronic disease management and twice weekly for wound dressing. “My helper feels stressed to wheel me up and down the buses due to its heavyweight. It was also unsafe for both of us, especially going past uneven surfaces”, said Mr Low.

Fortunately, Mr Low was referred to Metta’s homecare programme in June last year. With regular nursing visits by Nurse Ricky, Mr Low’s wound condition improved significantly. Besides nursing support, Nurse Ricky also trained his helper with the necessary skills needed to care for him.  

Mr Low also follows a healthier diet plan containing more fruits and vegetables. Although he could only exercise with his upper body, he was determined to improve on his functional mobility. “Eating healthily and exercising regularly has given me the confidence to lead a normal life like others,” he said.

Mr Low is happier that his health condition is under control. He is grateful to remain independent and be able to continue staying with the family he loves.