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Living with disability can make things that able-bodied people take for granted very hard to achieve. The ease of daily functions and use causes us to overlook the physical struggles that many people with disability face every day.

Such is the case of Md Taufik Bin Kenali, a 29-yearold adult born with moderate intellectual disability. Growing up wasn’t easy for Taufik and his parents who are also the main caregivers to their child’s condition. With intellectual disability impeding his gross motor skills, Taufik’s development was many years behind his peers. As an adult, simple chores such as washing his plate, wiping the table and helping out around the house are non-existent for the young man whose peers are out busy working and having a social life. For Taufik, his friends are his parents, trainers and fellow clients at Metta Home Day Activity Centre (MHDAC).

“I am surprised and happy that Taufik is now able to clean up after his meals and also do simple house work.”

– Mr Kenali Bin Kassim, father of Taufik.

It wasn’t an easy job for his mother, who had to give up her job to care for Taufik previously as her husband was the solebread winner to the family. Much as she wanted to supplement the household income, she was unable to do so due to caring for Taufik, her only son. It was a huge relieve for Mdm Hawa Bte Ahmad, when Taufik was transferred to MHDAC which cater longer hours to their clients to learn independent skills. At MHDAC, Taufik was taught to clean up after himself and perform basic housework, a chore that he was not able to handle appropriately before. The additional help within the house was a relieve off the shoulders of Taufik’s ageing parents who are glad that it was a good choice to have their son enrolled in MHDAC.

Photo by Catt Liu on Unsplash

Metta Welfare Association (Metta), a local charity that serves the vulnerable in society, is taking its annual Metta Charity Run to a new level. Titled as Singapore Pools x Metta Virtual Race 2020, the race would be held virtually to replace the traditional Run to allow runners to participate safely while contributing to charity. Participation to the Virtual Race will be held between the period of 28 September to 31 October. This year’s Metta Virtual Race will also see its first Title Sponsor for the event. Singapore Pools, in its continuous philanthropic journey to make the community a better place, is supporting the event as the Title Sponsor. Since the inception of our Metta Charity Run in 2010, it has been our annual flagship fundraising event growing from 800 runners in 2010 to 1800 runners in 2019.

“During these unprecedented and challenging times, it takes more from all of us as we leverage on each other’s strength to better serve the community. Metta Welfare Association is thankful for the immense support of Singapore Pools towards the Virtual Race. Community fundraisers such as the Singapore Pools x Metta Virtual Race 2020 helps to support our clients’ journey to independence possible.” Ms Felicia Wee, Deputy Executive Director of Metta Welfare Association

Singapore Pools will be providing a Dollar to Distance matching by making a donation for the corresponding distance covered by the runners with a donation, up to a cap of $60,000. The community are encouraged to register in the Individual category of 20Km or a Team category of 200km for a group of 2 to 5 persons.

Says Chief Executive Officer of Singapore Pools (Private) Limited, Mr Lam Chee Weng, “As a long-time supporter of the annual Charity Run by Metta Welfare Association, Singapore Pools is pleased to continue our support as the title sponsor of this year’s event. We hope that our sponsorship will enable Metta to continue providing essential services to its beneficiaries.”

Participants to the Singapore Pools x Metta Virtual Race 2020, can track their accumulated distance of mileage that has been completed. Better yet, participants can be our Top Fundraiser on Metta’s leaderboard when they pool their family and friends to support them in their run for Metta’s needy and vulnerable beneficiaries. There’s nothing more fulfilling by having the encouragement of loved ones as you run for a meaningful cause. Similarly, some of Metta’s clients with special needs are making a statement by also partaking in the virtual race to show their support for their fellow peers and the public that inclusivity is worth every effort. Run to good health when you run for charity in challenging times like these. Join us as we stand united in the face of adversity, because with our collective efforts, we can all reach for the rainbow.

For more details on the Metta Virtual Race 2020, please visit