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Mdm Ong Siew Choo, 84 years old, a client at Metta Day Rehabilitation Centre For the Elderly, is loving her freedom and independence at this time of her life. With free physiotherapy services at our Rehabilitation Centre for many years, she can gradually regain mobility of her body from her stroke condition.

Staying in a one-room rental flat in Tampines, she is fortunate to have a flatmate to be there for each other and provide support. Being alone without family does not mean loneliness. Mdm Ong is happy that she can still cook for herself, go to the market, shop, and take public transport with the use of a rollator. She is also able to care for her flatmate, Mr Lim, who is an amputee on his right arm and leg due to a poorly managed diabetic condition.

Retaining independence brings a lot of benefits to elderlies. It will help them in their physical and mental health, boost their confidence and improve their sense of purpose. Mdm Ong is thankful to Metta for the care to allow her to gain mobility to be independent.

“Where I grew up, I’ve known many elderlies in my (old) estate who were stricken with a stroke. It was terrible for them when I see them struggle with the ailment. There are no worse illnesses than having a stroke and the is why I am determined to get better so that I can be independent on my mobility.” 

– Mdm Ong

Did You Know?

In Singapore, the number of seniors living alone like Madam Ong has increased. The Department of Statistics estimated that 83,000 elderly persons will be living alone by 2030, compared with the 47,000 seniors aged 65 and above in 2016. Bring Love to Mdm Ong and our Elderlies by supporting Metta so that we can continue to provide these services to retain their independence.

Bring Love to Lonely Elderlies

Post-stroke survivor. Her determination in spite of her environment. We do the rest. Help us to help Mdm Ong.

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