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Newsletter: October 2011

We are very touched by the success story shared by one of our Metta School students, Cen Jian Wei. Being a special needs educator, seeing these children grow up to become independent individuals is truly encouraging to us. This motivates us to do more for them. Well done, Jian Wei!

For the benefit of our readers who don’t read Chinese, this recent news report from Lianhe Wan Bao tells the life story of a a current Metta School’s student, Cen Jian Wei.

After being diagnosed to have a condition of Mild Intellectual Disability (MID) at five years old, a series of unfortunate events followed for Cen. It was getting kicked out of preschool twice simply because he did not fit in. And being a gentle soul was a curse for Cen as he was repeatedly bullied by the other kids in his childhood days.

In an incident which Cen’s mother went to confront the grandmother of the child who  hit Cen with a wooden rod and threw a water balloon at him, the elderly caregiver turned the tables and told her off. “He shouldn’t have stood still to suffer the hits,” the grandmother said.

Fortunately, Cen found his place in Metta School after his failed attempts at an early childhood education and his life gradually improved throughout the years. Having come a long way, the little gentle boy has grown up to be fine young gentleman. Not only is he capable of leading an independent life, working as an apprentice at Marina Bay Sands Singapore, he bears thoughts of providing for his parents.

Conscientiously saving his monthly training allowance of $200, Cen plans to bring his parents abroad for a holiday once he has saved enough.